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Wind Turbine Sound Workshop [Gdansk, 17-18/11/2016]
18-10-2016 19:33

Wind Turbine Sound Workshop [Gdansk, 17-18/11/2016]

WindEurope, the European Wind Energy Association, will hold the 3rd edition of its ‘Wind Turbine Sound’ technology workshop in Gdansk, on 17 and 18 November 2016.

The topics for this 3rd edition are:

  • Measurements
  • Wind farm design & siting
  • Wind turbine design
  • Human perception of noise and national guidelines
  • Outcomes of the 1st Sound Propagation International Comparison Exercise (SPICE)

Amplitude Modulation, Low Frequency Sounds and Tones will be themes that will be discussed in all sessions.

You will find the full programme on https://windeurope.org/sound2016.