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EAA supports researchers and students from European Countries
18-11-2019 12:34

EAA supports researchers and students from European Countries

EAA will support with grants the participation of 10 young researchers and students from European Countries in this Congress.

The grant consists in a free registration. To apply for these grants, young researchers must be:
a) a member of a National Society of the EAA
b) enrolled to a university course (Bachelor, Master, PhD) or already possessing a Master or a PhD degree
c) no more than 30 years old on 01.01.2020
d) first author of the paper that will be presented at FA 2020
e) sent abstract to organizers before 1st December, 2019 (abstracts sent after that date will not be accepted)
In parallel, they have to send their application in electronic form to the General Secretary of EAA secretary@euracoustics.org before 1st December, 2019

The Board of the European Acoustics Association, on the basis of the applications received, will publish a list of winners of the grants before 8th February 2020 on the EAA web site https://euracoustics.org/ and will inform the winners accordingly.


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